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King Takin The Great-Shrine

A nine-corner marble shrine, 16.9 m tall high-hat-roof decorated with golden design, top with golden nine-tier Royal Umbrella. A life-size brass statue of with mural walls paintings of beautiful Thai Phum-Khao-Bin design.

Chanthaburi City Pillar Shrine

The old laterite shrine believed built by King Taksin The Great when He rode into Chanthaburi is now in ruin&  covered with trees.  A new brick shrine was built in 1981 as new City Pillar Shrine,  with 4-side entrance Thai Style architecture,  with high tall stupa and additional roof decorated A new Chao Por statue was included with additional small Chinese style shrine to be more respectabte.

Lord Buddha Footprint Khao Khitchakut

A big Buddha’s Foot-print in the rock over the top of Kitchakut hill, 1,050 m above sea level,  found in 1854 as the highest one in Thailand. Believed as the holy Buddha’s Foot-print will bring prosperity if you pay respect for. Each year on every first moon of the third month,  about late January-March there will be a tradition festival on the hill.  To go up there you must take a ride and walk up 3 km to the top, on the way there will be signature points to rest and worship as sacred sites such as stone chedi, rocky upside alms bowl,  hermit cave,  stony turtle and elephant in the cool forest and good high view of Chanthaburi.

Chaloem Prakiet H.M.The King’s 72th Anniversary Aquarium

Situated in Development Study Center,  Aao-Khung Kraben from The King’s lnitiative to showcase of various marine animal species collected by Fishery Department from local and nearby,  in 36-room aquarium,  mostly marine fish,  beautiful fish,  coral reef fish and other strange fish.  Tour narrators for visitors are provided.

Marine Animal & Fish Hatchery Demonstration Unit in Khung Krabaen Bay

A fish hatchery in Ao-Khung-Krabaen Development Study Center by H.  M.  The King’s Royal Initiative,  was opened for study and closely monitored of fish hatchery both in floating baskets and the sea as oysters farm,  crab bank etc,  including other sea marine animals:  leopard shark,  big grouper hammer-head shark,  green turtle,  hawksbill turtle,  white snapper and grouper etc.

A walking bridge to study natural mangrove forests in Khung Krabaen Bay

A 1,600 m wooden bridge, made from Takienthong wood to take a long walk along the abundant natural mangrove forest, full with sea animals in the area of 1,100 rai, a good place to study natural living museum and recreation area as a nice eco-tourist site.

Pink Stone Place

During the low tide of the day in Animal Conservation Area, Khung Krabaen, A. Tha Mai, during February to June, the sea bed will show pink-purple-red brown rocks lying to see the amazing natural wonders. Open for visitors to take a natural 1,000 m walkway for 1.30 hr and upon reaching the pinky rock place during ebb tide, you can admire the cool scenery of all islands in the gulf.

Mary Immaculate Cathedral

The most beautiful& biggest Catholic Cathedral in the east, built in 1711 on the west riverside, it took 275 years to finish with old Gothic style, with beautiful stained-glass pictures of various Saints, a beautiful historic site to visit.

Wat Mungorn Bupharam (Buddhist Temple)

A Mahayarn-Buddhist Chinese- style temple, a branch of Wat Mungorn Kamolawas (Leng-Noey Yee) Bangkok, built in 1977, a mixed style of South Thai-Chinese architecture. In front of the temple, a shrine of Thao Jatu-Lokabarn with Phra Si-Araya Met-Traiya Bhothisat and four Thao Jatu-Lokabarn statues inside. The temple has 3-tier roofs and the three principal Buddha imagesinside to pay respect. A very beautiful temple to visit.

Phliu Waterfall

Most famous fall, big and beautiful 2 streams all year round combine into a big clean pond various fish especially brook carps’ Pla Pluang-Hin’living in this stream to enjoy swimming. A laterite Alongkorn Pagoda built here in 1876 by King Rama V to commemorate Queen Sunantha Kumariratana’s visit in 1874 and a small Pyramid built in 1881 dedi-cated His love and sorrow to The Queen’s untimely death by boat capsized.

Oasis Sea World

A dolphin hatchery. There are two Thai dolphin species : Pink or bottle-nose dolphin and Ira-wadee or big head dolphin. Enjoy watching dolphin shows and let visitors swimming with dolphins, touch them, kiss them lovingly if you can.

Khuk Khi-Kai(Chicken Prison)

Built in 1893 when French army broke into Chanthaburi during political conflicts of the left side territory of Mae Khong River, French army built this square building to keep Thai resistants as a 4.40 m x 4.40 m and 7 m high prison.

Taksin the Great Bridge(Laemsing)

The longest bridge in the eastern Thailand across Chanthaburi River at A.Laemsing bridging between Tambon Paknam Laemsing and Tambon Bang Kachai on the opposite side at 1.06 km in length, was built to promote tourism and logistic agricultural product transport, saving their travel time and showing the beautiful scenery from the bridge-fishermen communities along the sea shore and a good place to watch sunset / a good site for fishing lovers.

Noen Nang Phaya eM (Nang aya View Point)

A highlight point on the Chaloem Burapha Cholathit Road, on the hill near the sea shore, Khung Wiman Beach and Khung Krabaen Bay as one of the beautiful view points of the east, as good view point along the winding road on the long sea shores to Khung Wiman Beach and wide Khung Krabaen Bay and Laem Sadet on the opposite site.

Wat Khao Su-kim(Buddhist Temple)

A temple built from local Thai and Foreigners’ religious faith, developed by Luangpu Somchai Titawiriyo to be a cool meditation place in the quiet environment of hilly green forest and as a collection of religious and valuable properties museum, with exhibition of wax images of all famous monks in Thailand. A good collection of oldartifacts, Buddha images and ancient handicrafts museum.

Waterfront Community Chanthaboon

An old settlement on Chanthaburi Riverside, with long history from Ayutthaya period and still has a 300-year ways- of-living glimpse of the past prosperous trading community during King Rama V’s reign. Today it is a classic tourist site mixed with running streams, old long wooden houses, various cultural traditions, local products and many delicious foods